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Marketdata was founded in 1979, and is a leading independent business publisher of off-the-shelf industry and market studies. We focus on SERVICE and HEALTHCARE sectors, usually niche markets that no one else has analyzed. Most importantly, our research is NOT funded or commissioned by anyone--so itís always unbiased. Our studies are sold direct, and are also available via market research distributors and online business databases::, Mindbranch, CMS Info, Global Information Inc., First Detroit Corp. Most reports are also available via electronic business databases, for a fee (MarkIntel, Dialog and Mindbranch.. Here, one can download as little as one page from our reports.

You can buy an entire report, or just the CHAPTER you want. You can get a printed copy or we can email studies to you (for credit card orders.) Overnight delivery via FedEx is always available.

  10% Off For Online Orders!  Now Order full studies online on this website, via our secure store. After reviewing study descriptions, tables of contents, etc., just click the "Purchase Reports Online" button to place your order. Note: Immediate download is not available. Reports are emailed Monday-Friday only.

We also perform Custom Research projects and Consulting, including phone and mail surveys. Basically, we can find information on ANY topic or market, quickly and inexpensively.


 New Business Analysis - Have a good idea for a new business or product? Run it by us, confidentially. Friends and relatives arenít always the most objective evaluators of a new business concept, nor do they know where to find the hard data and industry operating ratios youíll need. Marketdata consultants have been advising small businesses and start-ups of all kinds for more than 28 years. We can help you too. The most common mistake most people make is to overestimate potential sales of their new product or service. Many also spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars developing their product or company in a "vacuum" - without spending a dime on market research. Click on the link above for more details and what youíll receive.

 Consumer Industry Overviews... Available to the general public for the first time--at an affordable price. If you are a "downsized", "right-sized", or just plain laid off corporate executive, or entrepreneur, thatís trying to build your own business or purchase a franchise, see our Consumer Industry Overviews first. Before investing your life savings or severance pay, find out what the real prospects are for the market. These Overviews are affordable, unbiased, and perfect for your business plan, to approach venture capitalists or banks for a loan, or for your peace of mind.

Here are the markets for which we have reports, and their publication dates...

(All are about United States market only, not global.)


The U.S. Sleep Market (06/2008)
The U.S. Weight Loss & Diet Control Market (9th Edition) (04/2007)
The U.S. Diet Food Home Delivery Market (01/2007)
Online Dieter Research: Quarterly Report (04/2008) - Quarterly Reports Avail. from Q1 2005
Medical Laboratories/Testing (06/2007)
Commercial & Residential Cleaning Services (09/2007)
Self-Improvement Products & Services (09/2006)
Dating Services Market (04/2006)
Matchmakers & Dating Services: A Consumer Guide (07/2005)
Collections Agencies Industry (02/2006)
Carpet Cleaning Industry (7/2006)
Parking Garages Industry (2/2008)   
Dental Labs Industry (1/2005)
The US Check Cashing, Money Transfer, & Payday Loan Services  (06/2005) update 2/2008
Child Day Care Services (10/2005)
Funeral Homes Industry (6/2003)
Pain Management Clinics (11/2003)
Fertility Clinics & Adoption Services (9/2000)
Drug & Alcohol Treatment Centers Industry (9/2000)
Smoking Cessation Products & Programs Market (10/2000)
Office Machines Leasing Market (10/1999)
The "Roll-up" Market: Service Businesses Ripe for Consolidation (11/1998)
Billiard Parlors Market (8/1997)
Stress Management Programs & Products (9/1996)
Amusement & Theme Parks (11/1999)
Temporary Help Services (2/1999)
Chiropractic Services Profession (11/1995)
Medical Equip. Leasing & Rental Services (9/1999)


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